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There are a variety of methods and different levels of film financing available on the
market today, that can range from multi-million dollar backing from major studios
to personal savings and or private money.

One thing that you must understand, is that there’s already a couple of predetermined
factor involved here. The most important one would be your name recognition, or
lack-there-of with the public. Has anyone ever heard of you? If so, film financing
companies are much more inclined to lend you money for a film project.

The second most important factor would be your experience as a professional filmmaker. If you have already made a small movie that did well at a film festival, and it earned you a small distribution deal, then you’re much more likely to get independent film financing on your next film.

If you are a first time filmmaker with talent and confidence, but you don’t have any film industry experience and or, you are finding it hard to get financing for your independent film due to the lack of professional projects you have worked on, then we at Icon Entertainment Capital may be able to help you.