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Icon Entertainment Capital is a team of skilled industry professionals that deliver financing solutions specifically tailored to the entertainment industry. We pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with our clients in order to provide the sophisticated and flexible solutions they need.

Icon Entertainment Capital is connected to a variety of financial resources for film financing, expanding from individual investors to corporate sponsors. Working with our finance partners and top securities lawyers we have a system where unconventional sources of capital can be tapped for startup ventures. We at Icon Entertainment Capital are able to offer unlimited ceiling regarding capital for entertainment projects through our various funding sources. We are selective in accepting projects, so please do make sure that your project does meet our requirements before contacting us.

If you are a first time filmmaker with talent and confidence, but you don’t have any film industry experience and or, you are finding it hard to get financing for your independent film due to the lack of professional projects you have worked on, then we at Icon Entertainment Capital may be able to help you.

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